Conflict Management

manejo conflicto
The course develops a conception of conflict management within the Colombian context based on the basic social practices of a particular community. It focuses on the communitarian practices that different inhabitants of Medellin have developed to overcome their conflictive situation.

The participants are exposed to social practices of particular communities to understand the complexity of conflict situations that have, historically, arisen in Medellin.


To analyze the way conflict situations are tackled from a territorial perspective and the solutions that particular communities have developed in Medellín.

Includes: Field trips, transportation, academic support from experts in the field, one meal,

weeks: Course length

The program includes

  • Academic workshops about conflict management, definitions, historical background, evaluation and constructive and practical solutions.
  • International complexity of conflict: drug trafficking
  • Visits to some neighborhoods to interact with different less favored communities
  • Government participation in the management of conflict


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