Public Health

The program aims to integrate public health knowledge and health care policies with the social reality in Colombia as a way to generate personal, professional and social interactions to understand the social context. 

The participants will apply integral care by putting together their leadership, knowledge and other nursing skills to the service of patients.


- To raise awareness of public health in the Colombian context and gain insight into the role that nursing professionals play in the public health field.
- To create an experiential learning environment as a way for nurses and nursing students to apply the acquired knowledge about nursing care.
- To engage nurses and nursing students intimately in the challenges and struggles of a variety of populations in the Colombian context in order to evaluate and intervene them.

weeks: Course length

Includes: Academic workshops, materials, academic support from experts in the field, transportation Lunch 

The program includes:

  • Field trips to a company, a hospital, a vulnerable community and to the Health Care Office
  • Academic workshops about public health, poverty, inequality, occupational health, disease prevention programs, and health promotion


For further information, please contact

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Building 9, office 217. Ecocampus Laureles.
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(574) 448 83 88
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